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Starship Africa
Creation Rebel
On-U Sound
Catalogue Number
Release Date
1 January 1980

Originally recorded in 1978 (following the recording of Dub from Creation), the mighty Starship Africa was already envisioned as the debut album by one DJ Superstar, toasting over a series of rhythms performed by the basic Creation Rebel unit, with Misty in Roots' Tony Henry on superbly melodic bass. These original tapes have long since vanished - the project was cancelled and it would be another two years before Adrian Sherwood returned to them, while casting around for the maiden release by a new label he was involved with, 4D Rhythms. Remixing and re-recording the rhythms saw Jamaican drummer Style Scott recruited to play live over Charlie Eskimo Fox's original tapes (played backwards through the desk!); an additional half a dozen percussionists, drawn from whoever happened to be in the studio at the time, were also overdubbed. Rumoured to be the planned soundtrack of a Don Letts-directed film about ‘alien dreads from beyond the stars’ (!) it’s mixture of interplanetary sound effects and heavy, heavy bass pressure still has the ability to astonish.

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  1. 1 Starship Africa Section 1 5:00 Creation Rebel Buy
  2. 2 Starship Africa Section 2 5:16 Creation Rebel Buy
  3. 3 Starship Africa Section 3 4:33 Creation Rebel Buy
  4. 4 Starship Africa Section 4 3:18 Creation Rebel Buy
  5. 5 Starship Africa Section 5 0:54 Creation Rebel Buy
  6. 6 Space Movement Section 1 8:52 Creation Rebel Buy
  7. 7 Space Movement Section 2 4:08 Creation Rebel Buy
  8. 8 Space Movement Section 3 4:14 Creation Rebel Buy
  9. 9 Space Movement Section 4 4:33 Creation Rebel Buy
  10. 10 Creation Rock 4:09 Creation Rebel Buy
  11. 11 Give Me Power 5:14 Creation Rebel Buy
  12. 12 Original Power 5:27 Creation Rebel Buy
  13. 13 In I Father's House 3:51 Creation Rebel Buy

Creation Rebel

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